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Mission Statement

The mission of Stanford American Education Foundation (SAEF) is to ensure that all youth in Prince George's County and surrounding areas, as well as their families, have access to high-quality computer technology and educational resources so that they are better prepared for school, college, and the workforce.


SAEF uses research-based digital literacy frameworks to create experiential learning opportunities customized to address each family member’s needs in order to promote healthy family engagement and transcend stresses associated with economic hardship, language and cultural barriers, and inflexible work hours, as well as, raising a child with disabilities.

Community Commitment

Stanford American Education Foundation, Inc. (SAEF) is a non-profit organization founded to assist with closing the “Digital Divide” that exists within America.  The “Digital Divide” – The divide between those with access to new technologies and those without – is now one of America’s leading economic and civil rights issues.  Minorities, low-income persons, the less educated, and children of single parent households, particularly when they reside in rural areas or central cities, are among the groups that lack access to information resources.  The “Digital Divide” today is influenced primarily by factors of income, demographics, and education.


SAEF is committed to closing the technology gap between Technology have and have-nots, so that access to computers and the Internet is as common as the telephone.  SAEF has accomplished this by opening community technology centers in low-income neighborhoods and helping low-income workers gain the skills they need to compete for high-paying information technology jobs.  Ensuring access to the fundamental tools of the digital economy is one of the most significant endeavors of SAEF.  SAEF believes that the most important resource in American is the poor and under privileged and that in a society that increasingly relies on computers and the Internet to deliver information and enhance communication, we are working to make sure that Americans have access.  Our domestic and global economies are demanding it.  Ready access to telecommunication tools will help produce the kind of technology-literate work force that will enable the United States to continue to be a leader in the global economy.


With the emerging digital economy becoming a major driving force of our nation’s economic well-being, we must ensure that all Americans have the information tools and skills that are critical to their participation.  Access to such tools is an important step to ensure that our economy grows stronger and that in the future no one is left behind.  SAEF continues to strive in closing the digital-divide.

Signature Programs

Stanford Tech Excel Program (STEP)

The STEP framework was developed to reinforce youth’s understanding of common core state standards taught during day school, to improve their critical thinking skills, to develop their self-confidence, and to encourage healthy interpersonal behaviors.

Information Technology Courses

SAEF encourages participants to explore technology based career paths while developing participants’ expertise in computer software optimization, hardware and information systems, applications installation, database backup, systems maintenance, and integrated and complex computer business systems.

Workforce Development

Our Stanford Tech program for adults provides participants with wrap around services to help develop skills necessary for entry or re-entry into the workforce. Our workforce development training includes resume building, interview preparation, office administration training, computer technology training, and literacy seminars in addition to other customizable services to fit the unique needs of our participants.

Language and Cultural Immersion

SAEF is working to develop language and cultural immersion interventions to support the growing population of English Language Learners in Prince George’s County (PGC). Currently 17.8% of PGC’s population is Hispanic and 23.3% of PGC’s population speaks a language other than English at home. 



Mindy Proctor

Former Youth Participant

The experience I had was phenomenal. It prepared me for life and my first career in IT.

I started my first IT career at the 89th Contracting Squadron on Andrews Airforce Base as an Office Automation Clerk and then moved into the position as a Workgroup Manager.  The skills I learned at Stanford Tech prepared me for what was ahead.  I learned all the different types of MS Office applications, programming, Help Desk skills, and how to build a computer from scratch, and more!

As years went on and my skills from my experiences got better, I am now an Incident Manager over the IT Department, and I am currently certified in ITIL   STI has highly professional and educated instructors who take their time to assist you until you understand the course.  They want everyone to succeed in their journey. I will always come back to Stanford Tech to brush up on my skills or to learn something new for my career goals!

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