Our Mission Drives Our Movements

The mission of Stanford American Education Foundation (SAEF) is to ensure that all youth and their families have access to high-quality computer technology and educational resources so that they are better prepared for school, college, and the workforce.  Through our STEAM Program your child will learn problem-solving, design skills, develop critical thinking skills through project-based learning and improve social and teamwork skills. 

In our S.T.E.A.M. programs, youth learn basic, intermediate, advance level graphic design including creating freehand drawings, abstract patterns, t-shirt designs and logos, as well as photography editing. Through our experiential STEAM learning activities, students will also have the opportunity to create their very own computer games using the computer programming language SCRATCH, enhance mathematics skills through geo-modeling and technology challenge activities. Past activities include robotics building, architectural designing and building, computer hardware repair workshops, and computer software networking systems.


Our program is designed for students to be creative and imaginative in order to enhance logical thinking and problem-solving skills while keeping youth engaged and entertained.  We also are mindful of students social and emotional development as well. Each activity is designed to improve students’ communication, self-confidence and teamwork skills as they work collaboratively to reach common goals.


Each year, SAEF hosts a graduation ceremony at Prince George’s Community College to celebrate youths (as well as our adult participants) for their growth and performance in our programs. Students receive awards in Digital Technology, CompTIA, Communications, Attendance, and much more.  Youth are also given a space to present other talents they have through dance, music, and more.  Gifts range from Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Cameras, and door prizes for attendees. The Graduation Ceremony is open to all: family, friends, and community. 

STEAM Programs

  •  Video Game Design

  • Graphic/Video Design

  • Photography

  • Geo-modeling

  • Computer Building

  • Comp TIA A+ Certification

  • Comp TIA Network+

  • Cyber Security

  • Computer Literacy

  • Internet Basics and Research

  • Video Game Tournament


  • Engineering/Robotics Workshops


  • CCSS Computer Adaptive Instruction

  • Microsoft Windows

  • MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)

  • PC Troubleshooting

  • Help Desk Technology

  • Career Development (Typing, Resume Writing, Interview Techniques, Telephone Etiquette)

  • Parent/ Guardian Support

  • Annual Graduation Ceremony


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