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Life-Long Learning

Through our highly successful IT training programs we will empower you to increase your self-worth in the job market through our customized programs and tailored schedules meeting your needs.  Our successful method of hands-on-practice, real-life exercises and situations will increase your productivity, proficiency, efficiency, and effectiveness, and will deliver exceptional results. 


Whether you are looking to enter the workforce, improve your skills, or advance in your current position we can help.  Working in small groups will also allow you to perform better and become more confident.  Our proven programs will turn your insecurity and apprehension to overcome obstacles and gain self-confidence allowing you to perform at a high level on the job.  With IT and certifications preparation for a variety of IT career paths we can assist with a shorter timeframe instead of two or four-year degree. 

Our Instructors

Our highly experienced and certified staff have real-world experience and innovative teaching methods and will prepare you for a variety of IT careers directing you to a path suitable for you.  We offer mentoring at no extra cost and will create a flexible course schedule convenient for you. 


We are here to ensure that you comprehend the course material, and you can learn at your pace.  In addition, there is a one-on-one training to help you achieve success.  Giving you the tools, resources, and support will prepare you for a long, high-paying, rewarding career with many choices in the industry.

Our Business Community

Organizations are always seeking ways to improve their workforce skills.  If you are looking to upgrade skills in the IT arena, we are here to assist.  Our industry-focused programs include multiple industry certifications with hands-on practice and interactive experiences to reinforce skills learned for practical business application.  Our workforce development is shared with leadership, problem-solving, team building skills, and other significant business skills to promote long-term development. Our successful method of hands-on-practice, real-life exercises and tailored programs will increase productivity, proficiency, efficiency, and effectiveness will deliver exceptional results.


Our organization offers effective on-site training.  On-site training has many benefits for your company:  Less cost, travel time, lodging costs, ability to train many people in one place and all at once.  We can customize, design to fit the goals of your company, and will produce direct and measurable results. 

We offer Vocational Rehabilitation Programs and we are a Provider for the Department of Labor (Office of Workers Compensation Program) re-training clients to re-enter the workforce.  Through our programs we prepare you with the tools and resources needed in your job search.  You will be guided in resume writing, coached for your interviews, and proper attire.  Over 90% of our clients re-enter the workforce and their success is directly related to our programs.  If you are looking for assistance to prepare you for re-entry, call us. 


If you are a Veteran and looking for vocational rehabilitation training and looking to improve or advance your career, we are here to assist.  We thank you for your service, and we want to assist you in meeting your needs.  Call us today.

Information Technology Courses

In our CompTIA A+, Network+, Cyber Security program participants will learn to disassemble, repair, build, and configure a computer, as well as, network computer stations.  Our program is designed to enhance logical thinking and problem-solving skills and keeping adults and seniors entertained. 


Our IT programs are developed with the ever-changing workforce in mind, so each participants is supported and encouraged to integrate their new IT skills into their resumes, job applications, and current careers.

Language and Cultural Immersion

Through our Language and Cultural Immersion program participants will improve their spoken/oral/conversational English and build their vocabulary with our certified Instructor.  They will also experience American culture and daily life with our participants.  Our program helps youth/adults gain confidence, and be well-prepared for their success here in the U.S. 


The principal advantage of language study is practicing the language frequently and immersing one’s self in the language and culture which brings great benefits through our program.  Meeting with other English-speaking students often which will offer a plethora of new vocabulary, grammar, and improve/master the English language proving to be a highly rewarding outcome.

Adult Courses

Microsoft Office

Office 365







Desktop Publish using Word

Microsoft Technical


Windows Servers


Telephone Etiquette

Team Building

Conflict Resolution

Effective Communication

Leadership Skills

Resume' Writing

Interview Techniques

Computer Literacy                              Knowledge Skills Abilities (KSA)               Development

Test Preparation

Technical Courses


Help Desk Technologies

Computer Building

Program Coding (Gaming)

PC Troubleshooting

Web Development (HTML)

Cyber Security

Cloud Technologies




Application Courses

Google Docs


Internet Basics

Internet Research



Language and Cultural Immersion

Resume workshops for English Language Learners (ELL)

Spanish Translation Services

Literacy Development

Parent and Child Together Time Reading programs

Certificates are given at the completion of each course.  Annual graduations are held at the Prince George’s Community College at the completion of our year-long programs.

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